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Keep your current processes while delivering a digital solution that works for you and your providers.

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Start sending digital check payments immediately

Get immediate access and the ability to send digital check payments to the MPX Network of over 161,000 enrolled providers who have opted to receive payments.

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Reduce provider calls and strengthen relationships.

Providers receive and access digital check payments and EOPs simultaneously, reducing their need for support when locating payments.

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Reduce disbursement costs and delivery uncertainties.

Providers receive payments immediately while you avoid costs associated with printing and mailing checks as well as concerns around mail delivery.

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No disruption to accounting practices

MPX eCheck payments reconcile the same way as paper checks allowing payers to maintain current processes and banking relationships.

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Seamless integration and low investment

Quick implementation using current check or ANSI 835 files to digitally issue checks and EOPs. MPX can be deployed and in production in under 30 days.

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High provider satisfaction

Improved cash flow management, reduced payment wait time and choices in how funds are deposited are why 90% of providers saying they’re very satisfied with the MPX experience.


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Learn how the only digital payment platform that lets you deliver checks and EOPs simultaneously, Medical Payment Exchange (MPX) is the smart choice for both you and your providers. 

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A smarter Worker’s Comp payment solution

See how MPX can save you time and money while helping you better navigate the Worker’s Comp process.

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A smarter dental insurance payment solution

Read how MPX can help make paying and reconciling dental insurance payments quicker and easier than ever.

AITE Study Finding

Most Important factor

The speed of settlement is the most important factor for providers when deciding to accept a new payment type, followed by minimal disruptions to existing processes and data, and receiving payment and remittance information together. 

Compelling payment functionality

Encryption and security of data while in transit and at rest emerges at the most compelling piece of payment functionality, followed by attaching the explanation of benefits (EOB) to payment views. 

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Research Study by Aite Group

"U.S. Medical Claims Payments: A Second Wave of Digital Payments"


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