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Discover the benefits of receiving digital payments with MPX

Improve cashflow by eliminating the time it takes to receive check payments in the mail.

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Fast, Free Payments, Easy Reconciliation

No more waiting for payments to come in the mail one day and EOPs another. MPX delivers digital check payments—at no cost to you—with the appropriate EOPs the same day they are issued by the payer.

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Reduced Revenue Cycle

Fast, secure digital delivery will help providers like yourself reduce the number of revenue cycle days — and it costs you nothing to receive MPX eChecks!

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Multiple Deposit Options

Choose your deposit method with each payment you receive. Print as a check for in-bank or remote deposit, direct deposit or try instant payment. The choice is yours.

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Ultimate Security

Sending payments electronically reduces the risk of others intercepting it, as can happen more easily with mail. With the latest encryption technology applied to every payment, you can rest easy knowing your money is safe.


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For service providers

Choice of Payment Methods

As a provider, you want choices as to how you deposit your payments. DPX gives you those choices, putting you in control of exactly where your hard-earned money goes.
Print deposit

Print & Deposit

Using any printer to print your payment allows you to deposit it like you would any other check – using remote deposit, ATM deposit utilizing OCR technology or inside any bank or credit union.

Auto deposit

Auto Deposit

Set it and forget it! Once you’re enrolled in Auto Deposit, every payment you receive will automatically be deposited into your account.

Instant funds

Convert to Card

Have check payments conveniently converted to a virtual credit card by simply running a secure pin number through your credit card processing machine.