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MPX delivers a best-in-class healthcare payment platform that:

  • Solves the paper check challenge currently impacting 60% of medical and dental payment transactions
  • Delivers digital check payments, rather than paper checks, to providers quickly and safely
  • Digitizes payments without disrupting business with software or process changes

Benefits for all

The right digital payment solution for both payers and providers.

Payers are looking to convert more checks to digital payments. Providers are looking to receive their payments faster while making reconciliation easier. MPX does it all while saving both payers and providers time and money.

For payers

Reduce provider calls and eliminate the need to print and mail paper checks with the only digital solution that delivers digital check payments and EOPs simultaneously.

For providers

Receive payments faster, reduce reconciliation time and choose from multiple deposit options with a fast, easy and secure digital payment solution.

How it works

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Payer sends check file to MPX network

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MPX digitizes and electronically sends eCheck payments to providers

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Provider notified of payment, chooses payment method and prints EOP


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Deluxe Enters into Health Care Payments Claims Transactions through new Venture with ECHO Health


MPX Payer and Provider Testimonials

Deluxe payment exchange

Deluxe Corporation digitizes and automates the payment experience.

  • America's leading check brand for over 100 years
  • Patented process for digitizing paper check transactions
  • Developed multi-rail payment process that enables payment choices for payers and payees while complying with regulations
ECHO payments simplified

Echo Health Ventures provides a secure, simplified healthcare payment platform.

  • ECHO Health provides a secure, simplified healthcare payment platform
  • HIPAA-compliant platform delivers multiple payment methods
  • Processes 240 million claims; pays $40 billion to providers annually